Open Bus services:

  • 1. Which route does the bus follow?

  • 2. How many stops are located along the route? Where are they located exactly?

    Each city has a different number of routes and a different number of stops. All the stops are indicated in our maps which can be downloaded from our Internet website or in our brouchers available in our authorized City Sightseeing Italy® shops, onboard the buses or in our Visitor Centers. All the stops along the entire route are marked by signs.

  • 3. Is the route the same every day of the week?

    In most cities our City Sightseeing Italy® bus tour is the same for all the week. In Rome there are some changes at the weekend and on holidays. However, all the routes can be modified as a result of force majeure; all variations to a city bus tour must be notified on the homepage of the website of the corresponding city.

  • 4. How about the frequencies and the timetable of the bus tours?

  • 5. Where can we start the tour from?

    Our passengers can start the tour at any stop indicated along the route and at any moment of the day when the service is available.

  • 6. What does ‘Hop On Hop Off’ service mean?

    The  ‘Hop On Hop Off’ formula which characterizes our City Sightseeing® bus tours  allows passengers to get on and off the bus at their leisure, whenever and wherever they want, at any stop along the route,  as long as the ticket is valid.

  • 7. Does the service offer any commentary or guide?

    Each City Sightseeing Italy® bus tour allows our passengers to listen to a recorded commentary via individual headphone sets: our commentaries will provide each passenger with useful and interesting information about the history, culture, traditions and curiosities of our cities.

  • 8. How many languages are available in the multi-lingual commentary?

  • 9. Are the double decker buses accessible to wheelchairs, disabled people and/or passengers with reduced mobility?

  • 10. Is there any reduced ticket for disabled people and/or passengers with reduced mobility?

  • 11. Can domestic animals get on the bus?

  • 12. Does exist any special rates for people with disabilities?

    Blind and wheelchairs people have free access on the bus,  as long as they are together a paying helper.

  • 13. Where can tickets be purchased?

    Tickets can be purchased on our website, onboard our buses, from our ground staff  where present,  or in our Visitor Centres.

  • 14. Why should I purchase online?

    Purchasing your voucher online will allow you to get the best prices and to save time by getting onto the bus directly. Moreover, if you buy more City Sightseeing® tours in different cities at the same time you will be granted a discount of 10% or even 15% (this offer cannot be combined with other promotions and it is  applicable from the purchase of the second tour.)

  • 15. What do I get after purchasing online from your website?

    After purchasing your tickets you will receive immediately an e-mail; the e-mail contains a voucher which sums up all your purchases. This confirmation voucher must be printed in a clear and readable way and presented onboard the bus to our City Sightseeing® staff who will  change it.

  • 16. Do I have to print the voucher?

    Yes, it is obligatory.

  • 17. What do I have to do if I don’t receive the voucher?

  • 18. What is a change voucher and where can I get it?

  • 19. How long is the ticket valid?

  • 20. When does the ticket become valid?

  • 21. What is the difference between the 1day-fare and the 24h-fare? And what is the difference between the 72h- fare and the 3days- fare?

  • 22. Can I take the bus tour only on the day indicated on the voucher?

    No, you can take the tour within 5 days from the chosen date as expressed on the voucher.

  • 23. Can I reserve a seat?

  • 24. Is there a group fare?

  • 25. Is there a reduced fare for children?

  • 26. Which are the refund condition for Open Bus services?

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