Come and immerse yourself in the largest display of aquatic biodiversity in Europe. Stroll in the seas and in the world's most fascinating waters, discover and live an unforgettable experience. Spectacular settings, the new thematic visits to know all the secrets, the curiosities and the details of a place that never ceases to surprise and excite. Plus a new way to experience the Aquarium: cruises on the routes of marine mammals at the center of cetacean sanctuary within the research project "Metropolitan Dolphins", the tour for the release of turtles treated in the  "nursery" of the Aquarium of Genoa or the possibility for children aged 7 to 13 years of falling asleep and spend the night in front of the shark tank. Because every day at the Aquarium of Genoa  is a new emotion to experience. And from July 2013 the Aquarium has been enriched with the ' Marine Mammal Pavilion', unique structure designed by Renzo Piano  and made possible thanks to the joint efforts of Costa Edutainment and Porto Antico di Genova S.p.A.. The building looks like a real Palace of 23 meters high total-of which 10 below sea level – built in buoyancy, with a rectangular base. Inside, visitors can view the animals from an underwater perspective.


Once you have finished purchasing your 'Open Flexi' (open date) ticket on our website, you will receive a simple confirmation voucher. Within the following 48 hours you will instead receive the ticket (valid for 1 year) with which you can freely reserve a date and time of entry directly on the aquarium's website: book tickets-open-flexi.