During this food experience, you will feel the real pulse of the city, as you walk around through food stalls, coffee shops, open-air markets, and well-hidden tavernas. Let your senses guide you; this is the local food market, the most vibrant place in Athens, a year-round food oasis. Here you will mingle with the locals while they do their daily shopping and get to know ingredients of the highest quality. This is a heaven for foodies and a market like no other!

Next, you will taste different snacks like the famous Kalamata olives and the world's best pistachios from Aegina island as we visit various local sellers. You will enjoy a really authentic lunch in a local eatery (taverna) with Greek house wine and eat tasty mezedes (Greek tapas). The last stop of this gastronomic experience is a family-owned distillery, founded back in 1897 where you will taste some of the best spirits/liqueurs of Greece; among them, the Mastiha liqueur and the world-famous Ouzo.