Walk with us at one of the most beautiful spots of Athens as we share stories of gods and humans. Dive into a world of transformations, seductions and deceptions, godly affairs and divine punishments. Learn how the Ancient Greeks used to explain natural or even social phenomena through myths and legends!

You may know something about the feats of ancient gods, heroes and mythical beasts, but behind these tales of epic proportions lies a whole menagerie of jealousy, passions and vengeful pride. As you walk the ancient paths, you will enjoy a stroll around the city and admire some of the most important landmarks of Athens. In this mythological tour, you will learn interesting stories about how satyrs, nymphs and gods chased one another, loved and fought. You will find out about Zeus and his fury against the human race and learn how humans survived the rage of the Father of Gods. You will then stroll around the most beautiful neighborhood of Athens while you learn interesting facts about the city and its legends. During your walk in Plaka, you will have the chance to see some of the fascinating monuments on your way to Roman Agora. You will also find out the technological background of Ancient Greeks and the myths about the city and the Gods.

Check out some jaw-dropping views of Athens and learn more about the interaction between humans and Gods in Ancient Greece. Capture some of the most beautiful photos of Acropolis and check out the stories of Muses on Philopappou Hill. Aside from its historical value, it is a haven for Athenians and tourists alike for its tranquility, beauty and the exquisite view. Visit Herodion, one of the most beautiful ancient theaters right under the shade of Acropolis.

Let your imagination travel to a time when Greek gods shared the same desires and passions as humans. Enjoy a fascinating mythological walk around Athens where the past meets the present.