For those who have limited time and want to taste some of the most beloved Greek food and snacks, this experience is the perfect option!


We will start with a food tasting workshop during which you will try the basics of Greek cuisine: Olive oil, Greek yogurt, and honey. They all played a significant role in the mythology and history of Greece and they have been used for thousands of years by the Greeks. You will learn all the nutritional information of the olive oil and how to preserve it. You will also get to know what makes the Greek yogurt the best in the world and try it with local honey.  


Next, you will try the famous Greek cheese-filled snack pie (tyropita). You will also savor loukoumades, the deep-fried dough balls covered in honey, considered to be the oldest recorded dessert traced back to the first Olympic Games of 776 B.C. when they were served to the winners as “honey tokens".  


Our last stop is the central food market, the place that plays a major part in Athens' gastronomical scene.