The venice food tour is the best way to discover this unique city. Through the Bacaro tour you will have the opportunity to visit the small bars characteristic of the center and you will come into contact with the most fun and authentic culinary traditions of veneto.

Bacari are the traditional taverns of the lagoon: easily furnished taverns, where the scents of the kitchen make the atmosphere even more comfortable.

With this tour you can immerse yourself inthe authentic and sociable atmosphere of the lagoon and participate, together with the locals, in the typical Veneto open, tasting wine and tasting typical appetizers ("cicchetti"), along the Cannareggio canal.

At the end of a working daythe opener is a must throughout Italy. However, only in Venice you can find the real Spritz and cicchetti, that is meatball dishes, fish,vegetable preparations, toast with various toppings, skewers and various delicacies. What are you waiting for? Join our food tour of Venice too!

Here are some of the many things you can taste on this tour that winds through the Cannaregio area:

  • Spritz - can not miss in the Veneto aperitif. The name comes from the Austrian word spritzen, or "spray", and refers to the practice of stretching wine with sparkling water during times of war. The cocktail we know today was invented in the 1920s when sparkling water and wine were added aperol giving it a sweetish flavor.
  • Prosecco - high quality and exclusively local, prosecco is the best way to enjoy moments of relaxation but also of fun. If tasted in good company it is even better!
  • Crostini - Toast and covered or stuffed with the best ingredients in the area. Just to name a few: sardines in saor (sardines with onions caramelized with vinegar, pine nuts and raisins) cold cuts, cheese with truffle sauce, vegetable meatballs and mixed fried meatballs.
  • Hot dishes - We will taste some of the following Venetian specialties: risotto, mozzarella in carriage,creamed cod and parmigiana eggplant, with tomato sauce, mozzarella and basil.
  • Espresso and chocolate - To top it off we'll have one of the best espressos in town along with wonderful artisan chocolates at Venice's most famous pastry shop.