Bergamo is a city divided in two: Bergamo alta and Bergamo bassa, united by a historic funicular.
The gastronomic tour of Bergamo will take place in the beautiful Bergamo Alta,where we will have the opportunity to try some of the best recipes capable of summarizing all the bergamo culinary tradition: from the meals of the old farmers, to the fine meats or even to the stracciatella flavor ice cream, which was created in Bergamo for the first time.
During the tour you will be accompanied by a local gastronomic expert to discover hidden itineraries within the walls of the Upper City,on a tour dedicated to strong flavors and delicate scents, starting from the origins of the Lombard tradition up to the contemporary gastronomic scene.


Here are some of the tasty things you'll find:

  • Aperitif with glass of Valcalepio - The traditional Bergamo aperitif consists of slices of toast with the addition of local ingredients together with a glass of Valcalepio red wine, produced in the valleys around Bergamo and famous for its sweetness.
  • Casoncelli - handmade pasta in the shape of a crescent and created with a mixture of different flours and stuffed with (depending on the season and the availability of ingredients) breadcrumbs, Parmesan, beef and pork, parsley, raisins, lemon zest, almonds and much more. According to the original recipe, the dish must be seasoned with bacon and sage.
  • Foiad - is the Sunday dish according to local tradition. Every small town around Bergamo has its own recipe: a different flour mix, a different form of pasta or a favorite condiment. Foiads are delicious with different types of sauces including meat sauce, cheeses and mushrooms.
  • Polenta with lard and cheese - centuries-old dish based on corn flour, accompanied by slices of lard to make it creamy or, alternatively, with the addition of tasty cheeses from nearby valleys.
  • Toast with Taleggio cheese - a classic mountain dish, good in every season even on hot summer days. A rustic loaf with tasty local taleggio and caramelized onions on top.
  • Gelato taste "stracciatella" - stracciatella is one of the most loved flavors in Italy, but also abroad. Composed of milk and cream with dark chocolate flakes. We will accompany you to the ice cream parlour where stracciatella taste was invented in the 1960s. it's definitely not to be missed!
  • Espresso - the inevitable and indispensable conclusion of any italian meal that respects itself. We will drink it in a historic café in the city.