Spend a wonderful afternoon exploring the Upper City in Bergamo, on this guided tour of the city with transfers from Milan. The foundations ofthe ancient city of Bergamo were already laid in the prehistory on the same hill on which the fortified citadel surrounded by the ancient walls still stands, while the modern city expands on the surrounding plain. The funiculars transport the passengers to the Upper City and then continue to the Castle of San Vigilio,piercing the walls that extend for 5 kilometers and surrounding Bergamo. Preserved in excellent condition, they are tangible proof of the Venetian ramparts that have defended the city since the 15th century.
In Bergamo Celts, Goths, Romans and Longobards have succeeded each other over the centuries in the dominion of the hill, but the most significant period is the domination of the Venetian Republic that lasted 4 centuries. At the time, Venice and Bergamo were strongly linked both historically and culturally.
The guided tour will start in Old Square, the heart of the ancient city and will continue among historical and religious monuments, including the City Hall, the Palace of Reason, the Cathedral, St. Mary Major, the Colleoni Chapel and the Baptistry.
You will also discover the lush vegetation surrounding Upper City. This area, which is part of the Bergamo Hills Park, is littered with beautiful villas, farmhouses, gardens and woods.