Cinque Terre are 5 small fishing villages that, crammed to the cliff, overlook the sea. They are located in the southern part of the Liguria region, not very far from Tuscany; their gastronomy is a perfect combination of the flavors and the promfumi of these two regions and of course of the sea!

The dishes are simple, with Ligurian ingredients such as local fish and the many herbs that grow on the Mediterranean Sea. Today we offer you the opportunity to have a typical lunch in the village of Vernazza with some dishes of the true local tradition, each course will be accompanied by a local wine that goes perfectly with your dish and will give you a wedding of unforgettable flavors, scents and sansations, here is what the menu provides:

  • Platter of Cured Meats and Cheese accompanied by a first white wine
  • Caponata Ligure with tasting of a second white wine
  • Pesto and Focaccia with tasting of a third white wine
  • Cantucci and Sciacchetrà