If you want to visit the main attractions in Florence, you can't give up the Palazzo Pitti and the Palatine Gallery. This palace was the last residence of the Medici family in Florence and, as part of a small guided group tour, you'll have the priviledge to enter from the priority entrance of the palace, without waiting in the long lines. Starting from our office and crossing the Ponte Vecchio, you'll arrive in front of the palace, here you will discover the most important works belonging to the daily life of the family of the Grand Dukes of the Medici, from Cosimo the 1 st to Anna Maria Luisa, the latter also called "Electress Palatine" from which the name of the gallery derives. The guide will show you the works concerning the families followed that of the Medici, from the Habsburgs Lorraine to the first King of Italy with annexed Royal apartments. You will visit the main attractions of the Palace, such as the Palatine Gallery, the Royal Apartments, the Gallery of Modern Art, the Treasury of the Grand Dukes and the Museum of Fashion and Costume. The entrance ticket that the guide will give you will be valid for the whole day and will allow you to visit the gallery, remaining inside, even after the end of the guided tour.