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The 5 Pieces that you (might) have not heard about, that you could see with Vatican Museums Tickets.

Discover all the advantages booking Online and what you can do, without standing in line.

This isn’t the usual Article, in which we will tell you about the Beauties of the Vatican Museums, whose Pieces are famous all over the world and don’t need any introduction at all. At City Sightseeing, we want to focus instead on the Advantages you’ll get if you book your Vatican Tickets Online. We’re not referring only to economic advantages, but also (and above all) cultural advantages.

Once in the Eternal City, passing through for a short trip maybe or for holiday, it’s extremely easy to be deceived by "street-ticket-sellers", who claim to have the most convenient Entrance Tickets in Rome to the Vatican Museums, the Colosseum, the Fori Imperiali and so on.

Not falling for it is the first rule! Buying Vatican Museums Tickets is really easy and fast, but we recommend you to always do it by authorized and qualified Retailers only, who can guarantee you a Quality Service.

The wait along the Vatican Walls is the constant that unites 27 thousand Vatican Museums Daily Visitors, one of the most visited museum complexes in the world and wanted by Pope Julius II in the Sixteenth Century to collect all Art Collections accumulated by the Popes over the Centuries. Hours and hours in line, under the sun or rain, hoping that someone would give up and the row would resume running.

How about saving a lot of time (and money!) with a Skip The Line Ticket? With City Sightseeing you will skip the endless line and get directly to the Entrance.

Reserving Tickets for the Vatican will allow you, not only to avoid stress, but to save valuable time that you might want to invest to discover all the Masterpieces contained within. In fact, due to a lack of time, visitors tend to admire only the most famous Pieces and to leave  those considered less important.

The Sistine Chapel Masterpiece, the beauty of the “Raphael Rooms” or the perfection of the “Bramante Staircase” deserve obviously a visit and thanks to their international fame are among the unmissable Pieces of Art.


Here are the 5 Pieces you absolutely must see.

But for a truly complete visit, you certainly can’t stop there. Here are the 5 less famous but equally fascinating Pieces of Art, that you could admire with your Skip The Line Ticket, thanks to your time saving:

1) Carriage Pavilion: the section of the Vatican Museums which is the historical testimony of the papal mobility, where you can admire the typical Popes’ coaches and the ceremonial Sedans belonging to Santa Romana Chiesa Princes. Among elegant Liveries and baroque Carriages, you could also admire Pope Francis’ Renault 4, a singular Papamobile given to the Pope by Don Zocca in 2013.

2) Belvedere Torso: the statue that is said to have inspired Michelangelo to paint the Christ of the Last Judgment. It is a fragment of an ancient statue of Apollonius of Athens, of which only the torso remains. Strange to say, but his fame is due precisely to the damage he suffered: the torso alone is able to highlight the powerful physicality deriving from the anatomical study that the sculptor has done.

3) Saint Helen’s Sarcophagus: the funeral Piece dedicated to Elena, Constantine’s mother, the first Christian emperor. The Sarcophagus is entirely made of red porphyry, a very rare marble and very difficult to work with, due to the technology of the time.

4) Aphrodite of Knidos: preserved in Pio Clementino Museum, the largest exhibition-complex in the Vatican Museums, is a Roman copy of the most famous cult statue of the Sanctuary of Cnido, built by Prassitele.

5) Map with the Great Wall of China: a long scroll painted on paper and silk, from Cardinal Stefano Borgia’s personal collection and now kept in the Vatican Ethnological Museum. The peculiarity of this Piece, is the representation of the North in the lower part of the painting, according to the Chinese orientation.

Do you understand now, why you should plan your holiday in Rome and book your Ticket in advance? Enjoying in absolute relax your Visit to the Vatican Museums, letting you get inspired by pages of Roman history will be the most beautiful memory that you will bring back with you!

Buy now the Vatican Museums Skip The Line Ticket and enjoy your visit to the Eternal City with City Sightseeing.


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