Built in the 9th century B.C by the Osci, over the years the peoples who lived in Pompei made of this ancient city a thriving town and a major commercial city. With the arrival of the Romans, Pompei also became a vacation residence for wealthy people from the city. The Romans were the last to see Pompei still 'alive', until it was flooded by the lava of Vesuvius in the eruption of 79.

The works to restore it to light bagan in 1748 following the discovery of the nearby Herculaneum. Nowadays it is possible to visit this ancient city and to discover the way of living of its old inhabitants. In 1997 Pompeii was declared World Heritage site by Unesco.

Don't miss your chance to plonge yourself into the past and dive into the curiosities of a population who disappeard centuries and centuries ago.