Turin is home to the chocolate of the imperious GIANDUIOTTO, but its ancient docia tradition is not limited to these two products...

On cold winter days, before a play or an exhibition, Turinians usually gather in a café to enjoy hot drinks and, above all, taste some of the typical pastries of the tradition.

Turin's old bakeries are characterized by carved wooden interiors, luxury furniture and decorations and exclusive ceramics, just like those used during the period when Turin was the capital of the Kingdom of Italy.

In this golossisimo food tour we will tell you the stories and legends related to the sweets you will taste, the intrigues of the palace, the lucky statues and those, instead, cursed...
We would drink hot and cold drinks (depending on the season), we will taste freshly made sweets,created in front of our eyes by the wise hands of pastry chefs and rigorously prepared with ingredients typical of the territory, the same used for generations...

Among the many Turin deliency you can taste:

  • Gianduiotti - The Gianduiotto is an ingot-shaped and incredibly creamy chocolate, created in Turin in 1852. The gianduiotti, individually packaged in golden foil, are the result of a unique blend of Piedmont hazelnut, cocoa and sugar.
  • Bicerin - is a layered drink made with espresso, chocolate and whole milk (or cream) and served in a large glass. The drink has been known since the 18th century and has also been praised by Alexandre Dumas in his letters.
  • Marron glacé - is a refined dessert, native to Piedmont and composed of a candied chestnut with sugar syrup and glazed. They were invented shortly after the Crusaders returned to Europe, bringing large quantities of sugar with them. Later, given the large quantities of chestnuts present in the Piedmont woods, this particular dessert was born. The Marron glacés were the favorite dessert of the royal family!
  • Penguin Ice Cream - in the summer, we will taste the typical artisan ice cream covered with crispy dark chocolate. The pastry we have chosen is the one in which the Penguin was invented, contributing with a local product to the long Italian tradition in the production of ice cream.
  • Cremino - is a chocolate originating from Piedmont, consisting of three layers of chocolate, the external ones made with gianduia chocolate, while the inner one can be prepared with coffee, hazelnut paste, lemon and much more. The typical shape is that of a small cube wrapped in foil with a colored stripe indicating the taste of the cremino.
  • Sliced artisan chocolate - You can choose directly from a giant chocolate bar your favorite taste among the many present.
  • Artisan ice cream - in a family-run ice cream parlour, you will have the opportunity to see the equipment used in the preparation of the most loved ice cream by Turinese and, of course, taste it!
  • Espresso - an excellent espresso is the best way to end our journey into the ancient tradition of Turin pastry. We could drink one in one of the oldest and most beautiful cafés in the city.