Growing up is a breeze!

The name says it all: a great family day, full of edutainment! Playful-didactic activities, combined with the discovery of the marine world; all accompanied by a delicious pizza to enjoy on the piers of the Old Port.

Come and discover the greatest Aquarium in Europe and immerse yourself in a world of emotions. We're waiting for you to experience the extraordinary experience of a walk among dolphins, sharks and hundreds of other species that inhabit the planet's seas.

The city of children and teens is the ideal facility where your children can learn, in a fun way, many things about science and technology. A large play area of over 3,000 square meters where visitors between the ages of 2 and 13 touch, observe and experiment with different topics. With more than 90 multimedia and interactive exhibits, children and young people put themselves to the test, alone or in the company of adults, to share a family educational experience.

Learn to love the sea while having fun!