Squeezed between the Adige river on one side and the mountains on the other, Verona is a city that attracts many tourists every year. Founded by the Romans, Verona is the backdrop to one of the most tragic and romantic love stories of all time, that of Romeo and Juliet. However, Verona is also a landmark for its gastronomic tradition. Our Gastronomic Tour will accompany you to discover the city and its history through the typical dishes of the "Scaliger" tradition. It starts with the classic aperitif and then continues with a taste of risotto or fresh pasta and end with polenta,horse meat pastissada or veronese cod.

With our gastronomic tour of Verona you can live an authentic gastronomic experience and learn about the typical Veronese culinary culture.
So, if you want to eat like the real locals in the company of a local food expert, don't miss our food tour!

Here are some of the tasty things you'll find:

  • Traditional aperitif - The traditional aperitif consists of croutons garnished with local products and a glass of good wine, within an exceptional setting: one of the oldest taverns in Verona.
  • Bigoli - typical Veronese pasta similar to spaghetti, but rougher on the outside, ideal for retaining the sauce well. You can taste them in a modern place that has become a point of reference for all Veronese.
  • Baccalà alla veronese - a recipe appreciated throughout the province of Verona. Alternatively, you can taste two other dishes of Veronese cuisine: the "Pastissada", a unique recipe with horse meat or polenta with suppressed (typical Italian salami)
  • Risino - a dessert of the Veronese tradition based on rice, difficult to find outside of Verona.
  • Icecream - tastes are created with high-quality local ingredients to finish the tour in the best way.
  • Espresso coffee - coffee can not be missing, in one of the most famous pastry shops in Verona.