City Sightseeing is the perfect way to see all the best sights and attractions of the city. The  Athens Line trace the history and culture of Athens with a commentary in 12 languages. One will hear the story of this city from Ancient times up to modern times, all from the bird's eye view up on top, a modern city with an Ancient past, still dominated by the Acropolis, a 5th-century BC landmark topped by the awe inspiring Parthenon temple. The Pireus Line connect the city to  the Port of Piraeus that is today the largest port in the Mediterranean and in Antiquity held the 196 triremes that won the day at the nearby epic battle of Salamis in 480bC that changed the course of Western history.

And finally the Beach Riviera Line provides the perfect way to see all the best sights along the coastal road with 6 famous Athenian beaches along the way, including the famous, scenic Vouliagmeni Spa Lake.  Hop On and  Hop Off   as many times  you want at the 44 stops available !