Symbol of the city, Palazzo Vecchio, rising from Florence skyline, was built during the Middle Age, and still retains the austere architecture of XIV century, with its crenellated roof surrounding the imposing Tower of Arnolfo. The insides of the building, beautifully renovated in '500 when the Palace became the home of the Medici are instead typically Renaissance and preserve priceless treasures and works of art. Visit the Palace means walking through the wonders of the Renaissance, retracing its hystory and discovering the secrets and the stories related to the powerful Medici family.
The elegant Courtyard by Michelozzo will welcome you at the start of a visit that will allow you to admire the famous and beautiful "Hall of 500", below are the beautiful private apartments of Eleonora di Toledo and Cosimo I de ' Medici with an incredible series of frescoes, paintings, decorations and statues of the greatest Renaissance artists such as Michelangelo, Donatello, Verrocchio, Vasari, Bronzino, Ghirlandaio, just to name a few.
The guide will then accompany you at the top of the building that offers a spectacular walk around the top of the building where you can enjoy Florence from 40 meters height; the spectacular view of the monuments of Florence at sunset will remain one the best memories of your journey in Florence!

Don't let your experience to finish here! Add to your guided tour an aperitif in a beautiful historic downtown bar or a typical tuscan dinner in a historic restaurant! At the end of the tour our guide will show you where you can enjoy your drink or your dinner and give you all the details you need to enjoy our specialties!