Visit the Cathedral of Milan, the true symbol of the city, with our  2-hour guided tour. An expert guide will take you to discover the most important parts of this magnificent building. You will visit the crypt, admire the fantastic stained glass windows and walk through the spectacular terraces.  The tour will begin with a visit to the majestic entrance of the building. Here, our guide will stop to tell you the story of this ancient church and everything that has made it so important for the city of Milan. You will then discover the secrets behind the magnificent sculptures and paintings that the building holds. You will then continue with the visit of the crypts, burial sites of great personalities. You will conclude the visit in the spectacular terraces of the Cathedral, accessible by elevator. Here you can walk among the approximately 3,200 statues that adorn the roof of the Cathedral. At the end of the visit you will have some free time to admire the wonderful view of the city from above!