Thanks to our gastronomic tour of Rome you will discover the flavors of Lazio and its capital, Rome, through a tasty walk around the typical Trastevere area, characterized by colorful alleys and ancient artisan shops.

You will discover the ancient recipes of the city and enter the beating heart of the Italian capital, accompanied by a local gastronomic expert!

Our food tour of Rome is structured in several stops where you can taste a different dish at each stop. We will start with an aperitif of Roman cheeses and a glass of wine.

Then we will try the inevitable Roman supplì, white pizza, baked pork (the famous "porchetta"). Finally, we will taste the pasta carbonara. You will learn how to make real carbonara pasta and play the "Ova Game" together, with tastings of unusual and delicious preparations such as caviar and oysters.

And to greet us, we will taste a cone of the best homemade ice cream in the area.


Here is a list of the tasty dishes you will find:

  • Handmade cookies - crispy cookies, with simple ingredients and an unforgettable taste! We're going to taste them in an old cookie factory from the 1920s. We're going to taste them in an old cookie factory from the 1920s.
  • Artisan cheese - tasty local cheeses that change according to the season and the choices of the producers, made with raw milk and prepared according to natural techniques. All this and much more accompanied by carefully selected wines based on local excellence.
  • White pizza - one of a kind, it is a delicacy that can only be found in Rome! It is a masterpiece of the street food of the capital, its apparently simple pasta is impossible to replicate if you do not follow the recipe in detail. Typically it should be tasted hot in the late morning.
  • Porchetta - pork, baked and, usually, served together with white pizza. It's spicy and great to eat when served hot.
  • Supplì - rice ball with ragout or other typical ingredients such as cheese and black pepper. They are characterized by a crunchy crust thanks to frying: absolutely not to be missed!
  • Pasta alla carbonara - with an intense flavor, is a typical recipe of Rome and is prepared with guanciale, pecorino cheese and black pepper. Small suggestion: in Rome you will eat carbonara like you have never eaten it! We will taste it in one of the most famous restaurants in Rome and learn how to do it with the chef!
  • Homemade ice cream - we will try one of the best in the city, prepared with natural ingredients, presented in an innovative way and with an extraordinary taste.
  • Possible vegetarian option