The Museum, located in the heart of Florence, displays an extraordinary collection of inventions by Leonardo da Vinci. Upon entering you can admire the machines designed by the great Genius visible in full size, most of which can be tested. Also, included in your ticket, you can experience a realistic flying experience on the Tuscany hills and the functioning of Leonardo's machines with the 3D viewer! It is suitable for adults, for families and children, as it is proposed as a laboratory of curiosity and experimentation, and is organized into four fundamental sections: earth, water, air and fire. The machines have been made by studying the drawings contained in the famous Leonardo da Vinci codes and, possibly, while maintaining the original aspect proportions. You can also admire and compare some of the major anatomical studies of Leonardo and a reproduction of his principal paintings with the use of the backlight technology with very high resolution. The Museum, which contains explanations in Italian, English, French, German, Spanish and Russian are completed by educational projections concerning the life and work of Leonardo.

Complete your visit with the City Sightseeing Florence tour, add to your ticket the ticket for the Hop On Hop Off tour valid 24h or 48h.