Our food tour of Palermo will allow you to discover some of the oldest recipes of the Sicilian tradition within the traditional trattorias,and in the places most loved by locals.
Our food tour of Palermo is divided into various tasting stages where you can taste both the typical street food and the dishes prepared at home following recipes handed down from generation to generation. Next to you will be our local food expert who will be happy to share with you stories and secrets of his city and culinary tradition
Panelle, arancine and pasta to thestandard : everything you need for an unforgettable experience!


Here's a detail of the many delicious things you'll find:

  • Sandwich with panella and crocchè - a cornerstone of palermo street food, consisting of sesame bread stuffed with potato croquettes or fried chickpea omelets. It is an unmissable recipe if you really want to understand and taste the rich and tasty Sicilian culinary tradition.
  • Sfincione - is made with a pizza-like pasta covered with fresh tomato sauce, anchovy paste and onion. Sfincione is palermo's version of pizza!
  • Arancini - famous all over the world are composed of a ball of rice stuffed with the most varied ingredients (meat, raw ham, spinach, various types of cheese and much more) and subsequently fried as per tradition.
  • Pasta alla Norma - As tradition dictates, macaroni seasoned with tomato sauce, fried eggplant, seasoned salted ricotta and basil are usually used. This recipe was born in Catania, but immediately became a symbol of the Sicilian culinary tradition.
  • Baked anelletti - it is a small dough, shaped like a ring, topped with meat sauce and peas. You can't leave Palermo without tasting them!
  • Traditional vegetarian preparations of your choice including eggplant parmigiana - a famous Sicilian dish consisting of fried eggplant, tomato sauce, parmesan and mozzarella.
  • Sicilian cannoli - the waffle, traditionally shaped around a hot metal bar, is filled with a sweet and creamy preparation made with ricotta, candied fruit, crispy pistachios or dark chocolate chips. An explosion of taste and color!
  • Sicilian cassata - is a traditional Sicilian cake to be consumed cold. Prepared with fresh ricotta, candied fruit, durum wheat paste and other ingredients according to a centuries-old recipe.
  • Sicilian granita - perfect for relaxing and cooling off on warm summer afternoons, the granita is served in a glass and is ideal to end a rich meal in beauty. Fresh fruit, sugar and ice are the necessary ingredients, simple, but incredibly tasty.. imagine it served with coffee, chocolate or fresh fruit!