If you are looking for advice on where to eat in Trastevere,you are in the right place.
We don't just tell you what are the best restaurants in Trastevere... we take you and give you a chance to try them all!

Our Trastevere food tour takes place in the historic Trastevere area and will accompany you to discover the dishes most loved by the Romans, their strong flavors and the famous Laziali wines. At the different stops and in each shop or restaurant, you will try one of the best recipes in the area. We will taste a selection of Roman cheeses accompanied by artisan dried cherry tomatoes, the traditional rice supplì, the Roman pizza the famous Prosciutto di Norcia with buffalo mozzarella and a dish of the Roman pasta alla Carbonara. Finally, to conclude in beauty, we will enjoy a cone of the best homemade ice cream in Trastevere.

Echo some of the tasty things you can eat:

  • Handmade cookies - crispy cookies, with simple ingredients and an unforgettable taste! We're going to taste them in an old cookie factory from the 1920s.
  • Cheese platter and cured meats with glass of wine - we will taste different types of cheeses accompanied by a glass of high quality wine in a place renowned for its cheeses and cold cuts in the center of Rome.
  • Roman pizza - the famous 'scrocchiarella', thin and crunchy, for centuries the favorite of the Romans. Unique in its kind, the queen of Roman street food is a leavened pasta impossible to replicate without the use of the historical recipe. We will taste one of the best pizzas in the city in an ancient workshop.
  • Supplì - rice ball with ragout or other typical ingredients such as cheese and black pepper. They are characterized by a crunchy crust thanks to frying: absolutely not to be missed!
  • Pasta alla carbonara - with an intense flavor, is a typical recipe of Rome and is prepared with guanciale, pecorino cheese and black pepper. Small suggestion: in Rome you will eat carbonara like you have never eaten it! We will taste it in one of the most important gourmet restaurants in Rome.
  • Homemade ice cream - one of the best in the city, prepared with natural ingredients, presented in an innovative way and with an extraordinary taste.
  • Possible vegetarian option