If you are going to visit Genoa, but do not know what typical dishes to taste, join our street food tour in Genoa we accompany you to discover the culture of Genoese street food.

Discover the places that locals frequent. Eat with us the fried fish, the best focaccia in town and the typical vegetable cakes,as you explore Genoa. Sample typical pesto and other specialties, drinking local wine or a cold craft beer.
You return home only after drinking an authentic coffee : mandatoryif you want to share with the locals the atmosphere and typical rituals.

Among the possible dishes that you will taste you can find:

  • Fried squid - Genoa is a port city and its gastronomic tradition is also based on fish. Our tender fried squid will melt in your mouth!
  • Classic focaccia with EVO oil - there are many types of focaccia in the world, but the original comes from Genoa. We will taste the most appreciated by Genoese in the best shops.
  • Savoury cakes - there are thousands of vegetable cakes in the world, but during our tour you'll sample some of the best in an ancient sciamadda (an ancient takeaway venue from the early 1900s).
  • Cheese focaccia - 2 very thin layers of pasta stuffed with stracchino.
  • Homemade ice cream - in a gourmet ice cream shop, we will try one of the best artisan ice creams in the city, with both traditional and innovative tastes
  • Espresso - according to tradition, the meal cannot end without a good espresso.