The Florentine museum is spread on the main floor of an ancient palace that was confiscated by the Taddei family in the mid-16th century by Cosimo I de' Medici to be donated to the secret advisor Sforza Almeni. Not only cosimo I and Eleanor of Toledo walked in these rooms but also artists such as Bartolomeo Ammannati and Giorgio Vasari,charged with decorating the palace by Sforza Almeni who, after receiving so much wealth, by the Grand Duke was tragically killed!
The museum tells the history of the dynasty through thematicrooms, temporary exhibitions, events and a specialized bookstore!
The first thematic room is dedicated to genealogy, it is a true portrait of the Medici family narrated through an evocative holographiccinema.
From the family to the territory, the following room tells the birth of the Grand Duchy, the Medici villas, the fleet of the Knights of St. Stephen and a great diorama illustrates the famous battle of Anghiari: the battle that saved the Renaissance.
In the other rooms, in addition to virtual painting, a precious collection of original coins,an interactive installation to listen to the music that accompanied the life of the Medici and the clothes of the Medici princesses, you can also find a small room originally used as a palatine chapel by the Sforza Almeni that still preserves a ceiling with an extraordinary fresco of the sixteenth century.
Finally, the "treasure room" where you can admire a hologram of the most faithful three-dimensional reconstruction to the world of the Grand Duchy crown lost over the centuries. The hall was entirely frescoed in the 18th century.
Before the end of the tour we will also visit a wine cellar where you will have the opportunity to buy the favorite wines of the Medici, protected by the specific Bando issued by Cosimo III in 1716.