Naples is often referred to as the Italian capital of street food.

Even just a walk through the alleys of the historic center, while savoring delicacies of the Neapolitan tradition, will allow you to grasp the true soul of the city.
With the street food tour of Naples,we will immerse ourselves in the wonderful historic center of the city, in a labyrinth of palaces of great value and we will visit the most loved restaurants and gastronomy, tasting all the nuances that Neapolitan street food offers.
Among others, we will try the authentic taralli,a special folded pizza, the"seafood", the meatballs in the ragù,the sweet baba and an unforgettable coffee.
Join our street food tour in Naples if you want to increase your knowledge about food and become a true expert.


Here are some of the tasty things you can taste:

  • Handmade Neapolitan tarallo - represents the most traditional street food in Naples. A salty and crumbly cookie, with a pinch of black pepper, almonds and, more importantly, with lard, an indispensable ingredient able to give the tarallo that unique taste.
  • Wallet pizza - named after the technique used by locals to eat it: pizza must, in fact, be folded several times and eaten while walking.
  • Cuoppo - a delicious cone full of fried morsels of various kinds. It has been the symbol of Neapolitan street food since the 19th century and never ceases to surprise with its small rice balls, vegetables and much more!
  • Crocchè - potato croquettes with a soft and sleeker heart of provola or mozzarella. Not to be missed!
  • Tomato meatballs - among the best in Naples, to serve accompanied by freshly baked bread, impossible not to dip it in the sauce!
  • Baba - traditional Neapolitan dessert. Famous all over the world for its mushroom shape. Inevitable.
  • Espresso - the best coffee in Italy is drunk in Naples. You will try it in one of the historic bars of Naples, renowned all over the world.