Come to visit Florence, taking a dip in the history of this city, going back many centuries. The ticket will allow you to visit Palazzo Vecchio, the royal residence of the Medici family during the Reinassance. It was built from the end of the 1200s and it was the second seat of the Florentine Republic. In 1500, following the political rise of the Medici family, who became lords and masters of Florence, the Palazzo became the residence of Grand Duke Cosimo I de Medici. Finally, in 1800 following the unity of Italy and during the period of Florence the capital, it also became the seat of the Italian Parliament. Inside you can visit the Government Halls of the Republic and the private rooms of the Granducale's family renovated and embellished by the architect and chronicler Giorgio Vasari, appreciated by the Grand Duke. The main attraction of the Palazzo is the Salone dei 500, entirely frescoed by Vasari, as well as the halls and apartments of the Grand Duchess Eleonora di Toledo. Buying this ticket, you'll also enjoy one of the best views of the city from the terrace located at the back of the Palace, ending the visit in the Rooms where the ancient Florentine Republic used to meet ( Sala dei Gigli, Hall of the Geographical Maps, Room of the last Chancellor of the Republic ). The ticket also includes the archaeological site and the access to the tower. Today the Palace is also the seat of the Municipality of Florence and for a century now it is known as Palazzo Vecchio due to its past.