Our Street food tour in Rome will take you away from the usual tourist routes and allow you to be a true Roman and try the city's most beloved street food.

In fact, street food was an invention of the Romans who exploited it as a source of energy for the many travelers and merchants. Some also claim that, in addition to tavernas, there were some kind of "food trucks" that allowed workers who crowded the city simple and nutritious meals.

Our street food tour of Rome is a fun walk with some stops inside the eternal city, passing through the Pantheon, Piazza Navona and Campo dei Fiori and discovering the delicacies of street food most loved by today's Romans, among historic boutiques and contemporary restaurants.
If you want to enjoy real Roman food, join our street food tour of Rome and let yourself be guided to discover tasty dishes such as:

  • Supplì - in the historic center of Rome there is a small and inevitable place that constantly churns out this golden and warm treasure. These rice balls are the most loved food by Romans and tourists passing through here: it will be our first step inside Roman cuisine!
  • Roman pizza - the famous 'scrocchiarella', thin and crunchy, for centuries the favorite of the Romans. Unique in its kind, the queen of Roman street food is a leavened pasta impossible to replicate without the use of the historical recipe. We will taste one of the best pizzas in the city in an ancient workshop.
  • Platter of cold cuts and cheeses with a glass of wine - we will taste different types of cheeses accompanied by a glass of high quality wine in a place renowned for its cheeses and cold cuts in the center of Rome.
  • Homemade ice cream - we will try one of the best in the city, prepared with natural ingredients, presented in an innovative way and with an extraordinary taste.
  • Espresso - according to tradition, the meal cannot end without a good espresso.
  • Possible vegetarian option